English : Zineber officinale,Rosc
Urdu : Adrak/Sonth
Telugu : Allam,Sonti
Description :
This is a herb with a perennial,creeping,stout,tuberous rhizome and an annual erect stem with lanceloet leaves and greenish flowers in spikes.
Ginger occurs in laterally flattened,branched rhizomes known as races or hands. The rhizome is buff-coloured externallly.Its odur is aromatic and taste pungent.
Action and uses:
Ginger is digestive,appetizer,carminative,brain tonic,which strengthens memory and also stimulant and aphodisiac.
It is used in the treatement of weakness of the stomach,indigestion,anorexia,flatulent colic and constipation and a lso in neurasthenia, paralysis and sexual debility.
It is used as a corrective adjuvant to purgatives to prevent their side-effects eg. Nausesa and tenesmus.
Ibn sina’s view:Ginger is digestive and suitable for hepatic and gastric coldness. Also sex stimulant and mild lexative.

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