English : Cucumber/Common Cucumber
Urdu : Khira/Kiyar
Telugu : Khiyar/Qisa
Description :
This is a popular vegetable crop and widely cultivated through out the world.These are numerous varieties under cultivation. Some bear fruits 25-35 cm long 7-10 cm in diameter with fairly thick rind while others yield small,ovoid fruits with thin and smooth rind.The colour of the fruits varies from whitish green to dark green turning, brownish yellow or rusty brown when mature.
Action and Uses:
Fruit is a vegetable and also a drug. It is demulcent, deobstruent , cooling and diuretic. Seeds are edible , tonic, cooling, anti-billious , diuretic , lithontriptic and anti-lipid agent.
Seeds are used in cases of dysuria, burning micturition , over -heat , excessive thrist and billiousness. They also used in combination with other drugs in chronic nephritis, urinary tract diseases ,kidney stones, crystalluria ,dropsy,hepatitis ,jaundice ,impaired liver functions, over-weight and high lipids.
Ibn sina’s View:
It is cooling , anti-billious and thrist-quenching. Excellent for stomach, lexative and diuretic. Suitable for urinary bladder.

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