English : Common mallow
Urdu : Khubbazi/Tukhm-e-Khubbazi
Telugu : Trikalamalli
Description :
It is an erect, branched and woody biennialor perennial 30-120 cm high plant.It is wild and grows as a weed but is also cultivated in the gardens. It has 3-7 lobed leaves,purple flowers and smooth fruit.Leaves are eaten as a vegetable.
Action and Uses:
The plant is coctive for bile ,demulcent ,cooling ,diuretic,anti-septic and emollient.It is used in pulmonary and urinary diseases, intestinal irritation and ulcerative colitis and also used as external applications for abscesses and inflammations.
Flowers and immature fruits are used for whooping cough. Seeds are used as cooling and demulcent and as diuretic , anti-septic and anti- catarrhal. They are used as substitute of marsh-mallow or with it to produce a fortified effect and prescribed in naso-pharyngeal and chest diseases,gastro-intestinal and kidney diseases.
Ibn Sina’s View:
Wild variety is attenuant and desiccant.Useful for herpes and erysipelas.Garden variety is useful in inflammatory diseases.Leaves and flowers are demulcent for chest and sedative for acute and dry cough. Seeds cure harshness of chest and good for liver.Flowers are useful in pyelitis and cystitis orally and seeds of garden variety are useful in tenesmus and intestinal ulcers.

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