English : Edible dates/Dried dates
Urdu : Pend Khajur/Khurma/Chhuhara
Telugu : Ita/Kharjuramu
Description :
This is a tall tree, a native of Arabia but now cultivated in India and Pakistan.It is upto 36m in high and its trunk is covered with persistent bases of petioles. The base is usually surrouded by a mass of shoots or suckers; leaves are in open crown, pinnate, upto 5m long, greyish green; pinnae 20-40 cm long , linear, keeled , lower pinnae modified in to spines; flowers in branched spadices , small; fruit an oblong berry ,2.5-7.5 cm long, reddish or yellowish brown when ripe; seed cylindrical, hard with a longitudinal furrow.
Action and Uses:
Dates are rich in sugars and are eaten fresh or dried. They form an important item of food in the Arabian Countries.They are nutritious,fattening and general as well as sexual tonic.
Dates , fresh or dried both,are infused in hot milk and used as nourishing and restorative drinks to underweight and weak people especially during convalescence from fevers and consumptions. They are demulcent , expectorant and lexative and used beneficially in respiratory diseases and fever, in common cold, bronchitis, laryngitis , asthma, heart weakness , brain fog and neurasthenia, backache , sexual weakness and constipation.
Ibn Sina’ s View:
It increases semen.

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