English : Horse-gram
Urdu : Kulthi
Telugu : Ulavalu
Description :
It is grown as a dry crop on poor soils and is hardy and draught resitant. It is a native of india and the important areas are Madras, Mysore, Banagalore, Hyderabad , Gulbarga, Bombay and Ahmednagar etc.
It is branched sub-erect or trailing annual with small trifoliate leaves and narrow , flat and curved pods 1.5-2 inches or 3.8-5.1 cm long tipped. The pods contain 5-6 flattened and ellipsoid seeds.
Several varieties , differing in the colour of seed coat , are known e.g brown , light red ,grey , black or mottled. The black-seeded variety is of shorter duration than others.
Action and Uses:
Horse-gram is astrigent, demucent, diuretic , cleansing , emmenagogue , lithontriptic and tonic. It is used alone or with other drugs in diarrhoea , clitis, during parturition to promote discharge of the lochia, also in leucorrhoea and menstrual derangements. In sub-acute cases of enlarged liver and spleen and also in piles, its soup is a good diet.
Externally , it is used in face powders which are used for beautification.
Ibn Sina’s View:
It checks hiccough.It is lithontriptic for kidney and bladder’s stone.Excellent in intestinal evacuation.

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