English : Sesame/Gingerlly
Urdu : Til/Tiloun ka Talil
Telugu : Nuvulu
Description :
This is a small bush about 45-90 cm high. Leaves are large, thin hairy upto 12.5 cm long and lower leaves are lobed and toothed. Flowers have offensive smell. Capsules are oblong ,erect, 2 cm long , 4 sided and splitting open from above.
There are three varieties of Sesame seeds –(i) Black (ii) white and (iii) red or brown.The black variety is most common and yields the best quality of oil and is used for medicinal purpose.However the white variety is richer in oil.
Sesame oil is the fixed oil obtained by expression of the seeds.
Action and Uses:
Seeds are demulcent ,lexative and emollient.They are useful in dry coughs,asthma,plies,dysentery and constipation.They are good tonic,aphrodisiac and fattening agent.They are also used in bed-wetting.Seeds are also good lactagogue and emmemagogue.In smaller doses,it is externally used in dysentery.The oil is also rubbed on the head of migraine and vertigo.The oil is considered as the best base for preparing medicated oils to be used for paralysis, rheumatic pain, muscular spasms, and as hair tonic e.g Camomile oil,Nigella oil,and Amla Hair oil etc.
Ibn Sina’s View:
It is lexative and fattening.It lengthens hairs and removes dandruff.Oil mixed with the decoction of Myrtle leaves protects and strengthens hairs. Excellent for asthma,bad for stomach,nauseating and anorectic.Its infusion is strong emmenagogue.

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