English : Maiden-hair fern
Urdu : Persiavishan/Hansraj
Telugu : Hansa-peddamu
Description :
It is beleived that nearly 190 species arefound in tropical America and about nine species in india chiefly at higher altitudes.Many are cultivated in gardens and green-houses.It is also found in Iran and Afganistan.It is pernnial fern 10-40cm tall petioles thin,delicate,black and shiny.Leaves ovate to narrowly triangular,finely pinnate,pinnules fan-shaped and toothed,reddish brown on the underside of leaf tips.
Action and Uses:
This plant is demulcent,expectorant,resolvent,febrifuge,diuretic and emmenagogue.
It is very useful in cold,cough,asthma,pnumonia,phlegmatic fevers,delayed expulsion of placenta,moist-ulcers especially mouth-ulcers in children.
It is also beneficially used in urinary troubles e.g burning micturition kidney stone and crystalluria etc.It is externally used in the form of paste to resolve hard swellings and scrofula.
Ibn sina’s view:
It is hot and dry.It cleanses chest and lungs.It is resolvent,attenuant and deobstruent.Useful in abscesses,fistulae,malignant ulcer,cough and jaundice.Diuretic,lithontriptic,emmenagogue.Expels placenta.

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