English : Fumitory/Common fumitory

Urdu : Shahtarah/Shahterah/Pitpara/Pitpapda

Telugu : Chata-rashi/Chatha-rasi

Description :

It is not indigeneous to india but imported from iran. An allied variety Fumaria parviflora , Lamk-subsp. Vaiilantii Hook .f. Or Fumaria vailantii, Loisel syn Fumaria indica , pugsley is found  in many parts of India.

Indian fumitory grows wild in wheat and gram fields as a weed. It flowers and fruits during the cold season. It is a pale green, much branched annual 30-60 cm high with leaves divided into narrow segments , flowers pink or whitish with purple tips, in terminal and fruits globose ,1-seeded.

Action and Uses:

It is blood-purifier, diaphoretic, tonic, diuretic, anthelmintic, mild purgative , alternative and anti-diabetic. It is used in scabies, psoriasis , ringworm, eczema, syphills , boils , abscesses , leucoderma , fevers and diabetes mellitus. It is also used in high blood cholestrol levels. It is used in stomach upset and liver complaints e.g dropsy, hepato-megaly and also used  for good urination: For eradiction of intestinal worms, it is used alone or with Baeberang and rind of halela

Ibn Sina’s View:

It is a  blood-purifier and deobstruent. Its infusion is drunk in scabies. It is stomachic and removes hepatic obstruction. It is lexative and diuretic.

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