English : Hyssop/Hyssop herb/Hyssop flowers/Hyssop leaves

Urdu : Zufa Khushk /Zufa Yabis/Gul-e-Zufa

Telugu : __

Description :

It is an aromatic , glabrous and herbaceous perennial , 30-60 cm high having erect or diffused branches , sessile leaves , linear to oblong , usually narrow at both ends upto 2.5 cm long and 2 mm wide, opposite , and bluish flowers , tubular , 2 lipped about 6 mm long , in long narrow spikes. Seeds are tiny and brown. Root is mainly fibrous.

Action and Uses:

The plant or flowers are anthelmatic , stimulant , carminative, diuretic , deobstruent , cathartic, stomachic, expectorant , diaphoretic  and resolvent.

It is used for expulsion of round worms. The infusion or decoction of the plant with honey is effectively used in coughs, bronchitis and asthma, in flatulent abdomen and colic, sore throat and hepato-spleeno-megaly and also in dropsy.

The infusion or decoction of the plant is useful gargle for sore throat and a wash for sore eyes. Crushed plant steeped in hot water is used as formentation for wounds , sprains and muscular stiffness and pains.

Ibn Sina’s View:

It is attenuant and resolvent. Decoction with vinegar relieves toothache. Useful in chronic cough, asthma and dropsy(or ascites). Good phlegmagogue. Expels tapeworms and round worms.

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