One should take following precautions before coming for cupping therapy or hijama:

  1. Come empty stomach or four hours after food .2 hrs after soft diet like idli , upma, dosa etc
  2. One and half hour after taking any type of liquid ,juices .
  3. Dont take any medicine before hijama specially blood thinners stop that one day before coming (i.e. 24 hrs gap will be enough)
  4. Dont take bath before hijama. if taken then one should wait for 2 hrs for hijama
  5. Cupping will not be done if the patient is sick or having fever,
  6. Cupping will not be done after recent surgeries , any types fractures, any other serious ailments
  7. For women during menses, pregnancy,immediate after delivery
  8. Note:-There should 40 days gap for normal delivery and for ceaserean section 3 months gap to perform hijama ,after any other surgeries and fracture same 3 months gap should be there for hijama .