English : Clove/Caryophyllum
Urdu : Laung/Lavang
Telugu : Lavangamulu
Description :
It is a small ever-green tree of pyramidal or conical form. The stem is of hard wood and covered with a smooth greyish bark. The leaves are in pairs, lanceolate and acuminate at the end.They are of shining green colour and when bruised are highly fragrant.The flowers are pale purple and exhale a strong, penetrating and grateful odour. The flower buds are borne in small clusters at the ends of branches,

green turning pink at the time of maturity. The dried floral bud has a strong and aromatic odour and a hot pungent and aromatic taste.
Action and Uses:
Clove is stomachic,aromatic,calorifacient ,stimulant,carminative,anti-biilious,anti-spasmodic,anti-septic and expectorant.It is also aphrodisiac and tonic for vital organs. It is used internally in dyspepsia,nausea and vomiting ,flatulent abdomen, hic-cough, pharyngitis , acute bronchitis and gastro-intestinal pains and spasms. It is also used to correct gripping caused by purgatives.It is useful in paralysis and apoplexy. It is included in the formulations used as sex tonics.
Clove oil is externally anti-septic, local anaesthetic and rubefacient.It is used as an application in rheumatic pains, sciatica,lumbago,headache, neuralgia and toothache. Usually cloves are heated over flame and kept in mouth and juice swallowed to improve the breath,strenghen the gums and relieve sore-throat and irritative cough.
Ibn sina’s view:
Hot and dry,pleasantly flavoured,stomachic and liver tonic.Useful in Vomiting and nausea.

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