English : Grater Galangale
Urdu : Khilanjan/Kulanjan/Badi kulanjan
Telugu : Pedda Dampa
Description :
It is a herbaceous plant 2 m high,having lanceolate and smooth with white margin leaves,small greenish white flowers about 3 cm long and orange red fruits.The rhizome is red in colour and aromatic having good odour.
Action and Uses:
The rhizome is aromatic,carminative,tonic,stomachic, and aphrodisiac and used in abdominal pain and flatulent abdomen,incontinence of urine and diabetes mellitus. It is used as a deodorizer of foul smell form the mouth and other parts of the body.It is good anti-phlegmatic, expectorant,anti-rheumatic and aphrodisiac. It is beneficially used in thick tongues,coughs,asthma, hoarseness of voice and rheumatic pains.It is also used in nervous debility and impotence.
Ibn sina’s view:
Greater galangale is attenuant and carminative. Excellent for stomach and is digestive. Useful in colic and renal pain. Also aphrodisiac.

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